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Mission Creek Music Festival 2016: Distributed Learning: Reshaping Curriculum with Technology

ALT (Art+Life+Tech). A conversation about the brave new world of educational technology, with panelists Alec Whitters (Higher Learning Technologies), Michael Eynon-Lynch (PearDeck), Dan Smith (ACT...

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Mission Creek Music Festival 2016: Digital Technology in the Process of Making Design to Connect

ALT (Art+Life+Tech) : A lecture from Monica Correia, associate professor and head of the University of Iowa 3D Design Program, on Design to Connect. Design to Connect is a 3D art exhibit featuring...

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Music is the Word: Gospel Explosion Ministries

Join the Gospel Explosion Ministries' Praise and Worship Team, GEM Teen Mime Ministry and Precious GEM'S as they share hymns and gospel songs.

Part of the ICPL “Music is the Word” series...

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Music is the Word: Matthew Coley

Matthew Coley, professional marimba player and organizer of the Heartland Marimba Festival, presents various types and styles of music, including a few Christmas classics, along with a special...

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Music is the Word: UI School of Music Performance

Join musicians from the University of Iowa School of Music as they share their talents with our community.

Part of the ICPL “Music is the Word” series welcoming the University of Iowa...

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Author Visit: Rosemary Wells

Rosemary Wells comes to town! She is the gifted children's author and illustrator who created beloved characters Max and Ruby, Yoko, Sophie, and Felix, to name a few.

Join Rosemary Wells on...

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Music is the Word Author Visit: David Gaines, "In Dylan Town"

For fifty years, the music, words, story, and fans of Bob Dylan have fascinated David Gaines. As a son, a husband, a father, a teacher, and a passionate lover of the literary in all its guises, he...

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The Cost of Success: Rap Music, Money, & Civics

A conversation between Dr. Michael Hill (UI English and African American Studies) and Andre Perry. From the moment that it appeared, rap music focused on money. Many commentators used this...

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Music is the Word: Spanish Culture's Impact on Russian Literature and Music

A conversation that examines the influence of Spanish culture on Russian literature and music of the 19th century with University of Iowa adjunct professor Anna Barker and piano accompaniment by...

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Iowa Roots Music: David Zollo in discussion with Andy Fleming

David Zollo has been highly active in the Iowa City music scene for over twenty years as a musician, songwriter, record label founder, and producer. David has asked musician Andy Fleming of Des...

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