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Native Lands: Belonging and Reclaiming. An Obermann Conversation

Shelley Buffalo and Carrie Schuettpelz share their experiences as indigenous women who have thought hard about issues of belonging. Together, they'll consider what it means to belong to a...

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End of Life and Grief - COVID's Lessons | An Obermann Conversation

The past year has made the end of life and grief a daily communal event, as we receive numbers from the headlines and news from friends and family. In the West, death and grief have often been...

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Food Insecurity in Johnson County | An Obermann Conversation

As of five years ago, about 14% of Johnson County residents were considered food insecure, meaning that they had limited or uncertain access to certain and nutritious food. After nearly a year of...

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Out in the Field: Finding Wonder | An Obermann Center Conversation

Three researchers whose work takes them into the field reflect on the experience of being far removed from screens, phones, and what many of us associate with everyday work. George Peterson, the...

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Little Resurrections: Laboring to Find Wonder in Our Work | An Obermann Conversation

Join a minister, a dancer, and a religious anthropologist for a conversation about social justice, the body's awe-inspiring movement, and the tension between the mundane and profound...

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Iowa Women of the Great Migration: The Maid Narratives

Celebrate Women’s History Month and learn about the remarkable women who labored as domestic workers from the 1930s to 1950s and were interviewed for the book The Maid Narratives: Black Domestics...

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ICE Raids and Community Well Being | Obermann Conversations

Researchers and nonprofit workers discuss the effects of ICE raids on the health and well-being of communities.

Obermann Conversation series is cosponsored by the Iowa City Public Library...

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Obermann Conversations: Domestic Stories

How have relationships between domestic workers and employees changed over time, including around issues of race and gender? What are issues of pay injustice that have been true in the past and...

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Disability Broadly Considered - Life of Tti ka me ge a

Recorded by April 2, 2019

Sarah Young Bear-Brown, whose Meskwaki name Tti ka mi ge a translates to “woman who stands along the edge of the river,” will discuss her life as a profoundly deaf...

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Local Disabilities Initiatives

Recorded March 27, 2019

In this Obermann Conversation, we’ll hear from activists representing various organizations about current projects that support, amplify, and advocate for people...

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