DNA Interest Group Event: Transposable Elements- The "Ghosts" in Our DNA

Traditionally, the human genome has been thought of as being static. Today we now know that that is not the case. Transposable elements are pieces of DNA that are actively replicating and moving around your genome, jumping from place to place. Mobile genetic elements include pieces of DNA inserted into your genome by lurking retroviruses such as HIV. As Halloween approaches, we will cover these pieces of "ghost" DNA: the basics of transposable elements, retroviruses, and how these are relevant to human health as well as the DTC DNA testing marketplace.

We plan to also have a brief discussion on the future of the DNA Interest Group at the end of the meeting.

The DNA Interest Group is designed to bring together individuals in the Iowa City area interested in learning about the use and interpretation of commercial DNA test results. Meetings will address a variety of different topical areas, including applications in genealogy, inferences of traits, exploration of human genetic variation, and the societal impact of these services. Meetings will also include group discussions, and are free and open to the public. If this topic interests you, join us!

For more information, contact Bryant McAllister at bryant-mcallister@uiowa.edu and follow the group on Facebook: DNA Interest Group - Iowa City.

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