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Talking About "Good" Schools and "Good" Neighborhoods with Sara Alvarado

Join us for an interactive workshop to learn more about how and why schools and neighborhoods in the Midwest remain segregated in many ways. What is "redlining"? Has anyone ever asked...

Current Issues and Politics

Scanning Basics at Home | Virtual Class for Adults

Want to be smarter about the photo and document scanning you do at home? Don't know your dpi from a jpg? We can help!

This class is aimed at individuals who own a home scanner or a...


Out in the Field: Finding Wonder | An Obermann Center Conversation

Three researchers whose work takes them into the field reflect on the experience of being far removed from screens, phones, and what many of us associate with everyday work. George Peterson, the...

Gardening, Nature, and Home Obermann Conversations

To-Do Apps and Websites | Virtual Class for Adults

Do you love organization and thrive on planners, calendars, and checklists? Or could your current method of scattered notes and vague memories use some help?

Join us to learn about some of...


Bullet Journal Basics

Before watching this class, we recommend you watch this video from Ryder Carroll who created the Bullet Journaling Method.

Arts, Music, and Hobbies

Little Resurrections: Laboring to Find Wonder in Our Work | An Obermann Conversation

Join a minister, a dancer, and a religious anthropologist for a conversation about social justice, the body's awe-inspiring movement, and the tension between the mundane and profound...

Current Issues and Politics Obermann Conversations

Getting Started with Google Drive | Virtual Class for Adults

Sometimes you need a handy way to create, edit, and share documents online: maybe you’re editing a friend’s resume, dividing up tasks for an event you’re organizing with others, or sharing a video...


Organize Your Digital Photos | Virtual Class for Adults

Do you constantly run out of storage space on your phone or other devices because of how many photos you save? Are there over a thousand photos saved on your phone right now?

In this class...


How to Find a Good Book | Virtual Class for Adults

Browse online
• Find the NEW page under “Books & More” and use the filters to narrow down your results
• In the catalog, click “NEW MATERIALS” in the blue banner and choose a...

Books and Writing, Technology

Enjoy Free Digital Magazines | Virtual Class for Adults

Most of the popular magazines you’d find in the library are also available digitally with your library card through Flipster (new!) and RBdigital. Learn how to browse these current, full-color...