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The University of Iowa and the Race for Space | ICPL Adult Summer Reading 2019

Did you know that Iowa played a major role in the International Space Race of the 1960s? Join UI Professor Cornelia Lang for stories of the contributions of University of Iowa scientists and...

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Clustering DNA Relatives into Family Lines | DNA Interest Group

The various DNA testing companies offer a variety of tools for revealing clusters of DNA relatives. Whether viewing “shared” or “in common with” matches, or using advanced clustering tools such as...

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Outer Space Buddies | Summer Reading Program 2019

Look up into the night sky because the “Stars” of the show, Galexia & Pandora, are coming to Earth! They may look very different from the Earthlings, but all walks of life deserve love &...


Pride Month Drag Storytime 2019

In celebration of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender and Questioning) Pride Month, we are offering a special Drag Storytime Party! Fun costumes are encouraged and we will have silly props...


Meteor Craters of Iowa | Adult Summer Reading Program 2019

Did you know that there are two huge meteor craters right here in Iowa? Dr. Ray Anderson, Adjunct Professor, UI Earth & Environmental Studies Department, will discuss what happened 74 million...

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The Real Beal's One Man Band | Summer Reading Program 2019

The Real Beals are a mechanical One Man Band husband and wife team. Jeff wears a custom made backpack drum kit and plays guitar. His wife Nancy joins in with vocals. Together they sound like a...


Blank Park Zoo Show & Tell | Summer Reading Program 2019

Presenter: Blank Park Zoo

We're kicking off our big summer reading programming with our favorite library guests, Local residents of the Blank Park Zoo will make an appearance, and a...


DNA Interest Group: Case Study - Using atDNA to Find a German Hometown

Presenter: Ute Brandenburg

Analysis of autosomal DNA matches can provide added evidence when traditional sources are insufficient. This case study will demonstrate how I use DNA in...

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Longfellow Community Celebration & Ribbon Cutting

On September 9, 2018, The Iowa City Community School District held a community celebration in honor of Longfellow Elementary School's centennial and the completion of the building's...

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Panel Discussion: Stories from the U.S.-Mexico Border and the State of Asylum Policy

Recorded by April 3, 2019

The UI Center for Human Rights and the Iowa City Catholic Worker House will host a panel discussion on recent events at the U.S. Mexico border and its implications...

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