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The National Mississippi River Museum presents Ocean Odyssey

The NMRM’s traveling touch tank brings live ocean animals to you! Break down common misconceptions surrounding sharks and rays, as we highlight the unique adaptations these animals have to survive...


Willard L "Sandy" Boyd reads from his new memoir "A Life on the Middle West's Never-Ending Frontier"

University of Iowa legend Willard L. "Sandy" Boyd will read from and discuss his new book, "A Life on the Middle West's Never-Ending Frontier", from University of Iowa...

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Susan Craig Retirement Reception

Recorded December 2, 2018

A celebration of Susan Craig's retirement from Iowa City Public Library after serving as director since 1994, and as a Library employee since 1977.

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SRP Kids: Martika, One Woman Circus Act

Martika is an expert performer in the fire, sideshow, and circus arts. Impossible to pin down, her show contains diverse elements such as fire eating, sword swallowing, daring escapes, and more!...


Journey to the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy | Dr. Cornelia Lang Lecture at ICPL

The Center of our own Milky Way Galaxy is vastly different than the place where the Sun resides (the "Solar Neighborhood"). The physical conditions are significantly more extreme in the...

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DNA Interest Group | DNA Segments - Triangulate or Exasperate

This program will build on the content of the June 2019 DNA Interest Group program on clustering. Several DNA testing platforms include in the DNA Relatives report the ability to view the regions...

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Iowa Meteorites | Summer Reading Program 2019

What do the Iowa communities of Lone Tree, Amana, Marion, Forest City, Mapleton, Alvord, and Estherville have in common? Meteorites! Dr. Ray Anderson, Adjunct Professor in the UI Earth and...

Arts, Music, and Hobbies

Magician Mikayla Oz | Summer Reading Program 2019

Presenter: Mikayla Oz

Directly from the Land of Oz comes a natural born entertainer, Mikayla Oz! In her show you will see things appear, vanish, teleport, transform and even float right in...


Wilderman’s Treetop Tales with Chad Elliott | Summer Reading Program 2019

Presenter: Chad Elliott

Wilderman’s Treetop Tales is a collection of whimsical poems and paintings created by International award-winning songwriter, Chad Elliott. Think Shel Silverstein...


The University of Iowa and the Race for Space | ICPL Adult Summer Reading 2019

Did you know that Iowa played a major role in the International Space Race of the 1960s? Join UI Professor Cornelia Lang for stories of the contributions of University of Iowa scientists and...

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