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DNA Interest Group: Introduction to Epigenetics

Recorded by February 26, 2019

Presenter: Bryant McAllister

This program will define epigenetics, explore its mechanisms of action, and describe interesting epigenetic phenomena,...

Current Issues and Politics DNA Interest Group

2nd Sunday Garden Forum: Saving Seeds - from Backyard Gardens to the Svalbard Seed Vault

Recorded by January 13, 2019

Phil Kauth, Seed Bank Manager at Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, will take us from our own backyards to an underground seed bank drilled into a mountain 800...

Gardening, Nature, and Home Project GREEN

Multiple Pathways to Recovery: An Obermann Conversation about Addiction Research & Treatment Services

Recorded by Feb. 13 2019

Alcohol abuse caused more than 3 million deaths worldwide in 2016, according to the World Health Organization. Twenty-three and a half million Americans -- or...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations

Second Sunday Garden Forum - Storm Water Management with Sandy Steil

Recorded by February 10, 2019

Due to today's storm in Ames Iowa, Adam Janke could not make it to Iowa City today. Sandy Steil, Project Manager/Business Development -MMS Consultants...

Gardening, Nature, and Home Project GREEN

Book Babies with West Music

Recorded by Jan. 18, 2019

Presenter Name: Becky Forestner

Come sample West Music’s own early childhood music and movement program, Sing & Play & Grow! with your baby.



Raptology: Iowa's Birds of Prey (School Age Program)

Recorded by January 3, 2019

Dawn and Jan from Raptology will bring some birds of prey and talk about their habitat, diet, size and any other questions you bring about owls, falcons,...


2018 Obermann conversation Photographing the Latina/o Experience in Iowa - Social Activism, Research, and Policy

Recorded November 7, 2018


Jeremy Swanston, Gerta Bardhoshi, Miriam Alarcon Avila, two University of Iowa scholars who have used PhotoVoice, a community-based participatory research...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations

Visiting Author 2018 Bryan Collier

Recorded by Nov. 7 2018


This year's visiting author to Iowa City Community School District is Bryan Collier, an American writer and illustrator known best for illustrating children...

Books and Writing Visiting Authors

2018 Iowa City Book Festival: Silvia Hidalgo "How to Be An American"

Recorded October 6, 2018


While author and illustrator Silvia Hidalgo (who was born in Costa Rica and moved to the U.S. in 1998) was studying for her citizenship test, she took to...

Books and Writing Iowa City Book Festival

Crystals: Nature's Most Beautiful Rocks

Recorded July 25, 2018

Crystals have been admired and used for thousands of years. As amulets or talismans for luck or protection, for their energy or healing properties, or simply for...

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