Dinosaurs in 3D? Yes, Please.

Image from http://www.themarysue.com

Jurassic Park is coming back to theaters! This was the first "scary" movie I watched when I was younger, and I can't WAIT to see it on a big screen!

And I'm not a huge fan of the releasing movies in 3D thing, but I'm totally OK with this one. As Susana Polo, the author of this article says,

"See, this is a side effect of the 3-D fad that I do not mind in the slightest: bringing those big, loud, technically astounding and visually bombastic blockbusters back to the places they were meant to be viewed: in a state-of-the -rt theater with a massive screen and surround sound. And if my nose has to tingle from wearing two pairs of glasses the whole time, I’ll deal with it."

Hand me a pair in 2013!

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