This Is Flammable- A Brand-New ICPL Lit Mag for Teens is looking for submissions!

This is Flammable, a new, teen-led literary magazine, invites you to submit your original writing and art to our first edition!

Who Are We: This is Flammable is edited by the Teen Space Writing Group at the Iowa City Public Library (ICPL).*

What is a Lit Mag is: A literary magazine (literary journal or lit mag) is a curated collection of writing and art from different authors. Lit mags can be print or digital and often focus on a type of writing or a theme. This is Flammable is a print lit mag.

What is Magazine our About: Our theme will change with each new edition of the magazine. The theme for our first edition is “Wild Fires and Global Climate Change.”

Who Can Submit: We welcome all students ages 12-18 to submit. 

What You Can Submit: We are currently accepting submissions on the theme of “Wildfires and Global Climate Change.” 

We’d love to see work in the following genres:

Poetry and Hybrid Writing

  • of no more than 2 pages in length;

 Fiction, Personal Essays, and Academic (Informational) Writing 

  • of no more than 1,500 words;


 Photography & Visual Art

  • presented in a printable fashion (i.e. We’re a magazine, so send us a picture of your sculptures, not the sculptures themselves.)
  • Please note this edition of This is Flammable will be printed in black-and-white.

 You may submit in multiple genres. We ask that you only submit one piece per genre, though. (i.e. You may submit a poem and a visual art piece. But as a courtesy to the time of our readers, we would prefer you not send us 113 poems.)

Where Can You Submit: Digital submissions can be emailed to Teen Librarian Victoria Fernandez at

Print submissions should be left at the SUBMISSIONS chest in the ICPL Teen Space.

Please include a header on each of your submissions with your name, the best method of contacting you about your work, and the genre of your piece.

Submission Deadline: April 30th, 2024 by 11:59PM

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