ICPL RAYGUN STORE is now open!

The ICPL RAYGUN Store is now open!

Visit https://www.rayguncustom.com/collections/iowa-city-public-library-friends-foundation to check out tees, bags, a sticker, and even an adorable baby onesie! All purchases benefit the ICPL Friends Foundation whose vision is to inspire every member of our community to support the Iowa City Public Library as a Library user, volunteer, or donor.

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I LOVE these, and love everything about this for the library!!! One bit of feedback for RayGun folks: the cross-out line on the Banned Books shirt and sticker is not very visible, and it makes the message kind of confusing if you can't see the line. Otherwise, that's one of my favorites. If they could make the line bolder, the message would be loud and clear even on a T-shirt seen from across the street ;). Can't wait to see these everywhere, what a cool project.

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Thanks to Sue for asking about improving the design of the "Banned Books" merch. I'm looking into whether we can make the line through "Banned Books" more prominent!

Yes, thanks! If they can make that line more visible I will definitely buy one of those shirts! That’s what was holding me back.

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New design is in the works!!!

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