Outside Your Window; A First Book of Nature

Nicola Davies is a zoologist and an award-winning author who's written many books for children.  Of writing Outside Your Window, she says, "I cast off my grown-up self and found the me I was at five or six.  From inside that younger self I could see the world as I saw it first--not just the sights and sounds of nature but also the feelings and the thoughts about it that ran through me, strong as the tide.  This book comes to you from that little girl, who sat in a barley field at dusk and felt the world turning."  From the buzz of bees in summertime to the tracks of a bird in the winter snow, this lovely book of original poems by Davies captures the sights and sounds of a child's experiences with nature, including planting an acorn, biting into a crisp apple, watching the birds overhead and stargazing. The volume is beautifully illustrated by Mark Hearld who uses collage, printmaking and painting techniques to capture the outside world whether in the city or in the country.  Check out this handsome book from the library and read some poems to your favorite child.  Or, buy Outside Your Window as a gift to give someone special in April and encourage that child to discover the beauty in nature through poetry during National Poetry Month.

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