Pay your fines -- You'll feel better

If you still need a feel good New Year's resolution make one to pay off your library fines.  I recently spoke to a young woman who works at a restaurant I go to frequently who said she hadn't used the library in a while because she owed money.  I shared with her that our fine income is part of our budget, and while it is not huge, it helps.  I also shared that I thought people who owe us $20 and then stop using the library are punishing themselves.  I stopped by the restaurant recently and she told me she paid her fines and she's back as a regular library visitor and very happy.  So, if fines have kept you away, come back.  If paying your fines is a financial burden ask someone at the Help Desk or call 356-5200 to be put in touch with a person who can make arrangements for you to pay them off over time.  People who make these arrangements are allowed to check materials out.

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And if you need help remembering to renew your books, just make sure the Library has your email address. We will send you a reminder two days before you need to return your books. You can also renew your books online if the titles are not on hold for someone else or if you haven't exceeded the eligible renewals. Or like me you can still forget to renew your books and pay your fines to help support ICPL! :_)

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