Pocketful of Posies; A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes

Salley Mavor has created a fabulous new collection of 65 Mother Goose rhymes with Pocketful of Posies. What makes this volume of nursery rhymes so special is the incredible fabric art creations made by Mavor and then photographed for the book.  Each rhyme has a scene that is stitched, embroidered, and hand-worked using lace, beads, colorful threads, buttons, shells, and other objects.  Every page is a true work of art.  The people have what look like wooden ball painted faces and as someone who also enjoys working with fabrics such as felt and embellishments, I simple can't imagine how much time each scene took to create.  Clearly, her artwork is a labor of love.  At the Rhode Island School of Design, Mavor rediscovered the passion she had as a child for sewing and mixed media and was encouraged to communicate her designs and ideas in her own unique way.  To see what playing with a needle and thread can lead to, just pour over the pages of these familiar traditional rhymes with a young child.  A few nursery rhymes are less well-known, but all of them are short and conducive to reading aloud with a child in your lap.  It is so important for preliteracy skills to incorporate Mother Goose rhymes into early childhood education at home and in the schools; this collection is ideal to share and would make an excellent gift for families with children from babies to six-year-olds.  Reacquaint yourself with Simple Simon, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Jack Sprat, Margery Daw, Little Miss Muffet, The Queen of Hearts, Little Boy Blue, Old King Cole, Humpty Dumpty, Old Mother Hubbard, Little Bo-Peep and others by enjoying them with a little boy or girl soon.  This is the collection of Mother Goose rhymes that I would recommend to check out at the Iowa City Public Library and then purchase a copy as a gift to be handed down through the generations.

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