Read and pedal


My oldest daughter is nine and she’s a super reader. She’ll be still for long periods of time and the book is all she needs. My other daughter is on her way to being a super reader too, but the being still part is tough. Part of it is her age, she’s six, but part of it is just who she is. Jumping, kicking, punching the air, or striking a pose is what she's doing.

So I read this article about children riding exercise bikes in school while reading. There’s more on the program here. Apparently, kids like it and it helps them learn. There’s not enough research presented to satisfy a skeptic, but it fits with my experience of listening to books or podcasts while exercising. It’s a good combination.

Imagine if we had these in your school or here in ICPL. My six-year-old would love it. Maybe yours would too.

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Thanks for sharing this; it's very interesting and I think it's a super idea. It reminds me of a study I read about how sitting on an exercise ball while reading/working at a desk can be beneficial. It gives the body something to do while the mind works and simultaneously tones muscles while improving balance. Apparently adjusting one's weight on the ball stimulates other areas of the brain instead of only the left side, which is typically dominant in reading activities and this helps to strengthen one's spatial relations, etc.