Children's Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15- October 15. Celebrate the amazing contributions and achievements of Hispanic Americans with a great story. Come check out our big display of books in the Children's Room as well!

El Cucuy is scared, too!

Higuera, Donna Barba, author.

jE Higuera

Ramón is worried about his first day at a new school, but it helps to remind El Cucuy, the monster who lives in his cactus pot, of how brave and strong they both are.

Viva Frida!

Morales, Yuyi.

jE Morales

This vibrant book highlights Frida Kahlo's life and work.

The life of = La vida de : Dolores

Rodríguez, Patty, author.

j468.66 Rodríguez

Introduces little ones to the life of legendary civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, in both English and Spanish! "Si, Se Puede! Yes, it can be done!" is the famous rallying cry of Dolores Huerta, a leading voice in the rights of migrant farmworkers. Inspire your little ones to believe in themselves and become leaders, just like Dolores!

My name is Celia : the life of Celia Cruz = Me llamo Celia : la vida de Celia Cruz

Brown, Monica, 1969-

j468.6 Brown

A bilingual portrait of the "Queen of Salsa" describes her childhood in Cuba, her musical career, and her move to the United States, and explains how her music brought her native Cuba to the world.

Digging for words : José Alberto Gutiérrez and the library he built

Kunkel, Angela Burke, author.

jE Kunkel

In Bogotá, Colombia, young José eagerly anticipates Saturday, when he can visit the library started by José Alberto Gutiérrez, a garbage collector, and take a book home to enjoy all week. Includes a note about Gutiérrez's life and Bogotá.

Planting stories : the life of librarian and storyteller Pura Belpré

Denise, Anika, author.

jE Denise

"From the author of MONSTER TRUCK and STARRING CARMEN comes a gorgeous and lyrical story about Pura Belpré, a Puerto Rican librarian who changed the world"

user image

An inspiring story about sharing your talents and kindness with the world.
- Raquel

Vámonos a Bogotá

Rodríguez, Patty, author.

j468.66 Rodríguez

Introduce your little readers to Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, one of the most famous cities for finding emeralds. Children will travel through colorful streets and find hidden gems rooted in history and culture.

user image

Explore the magic of the mountainous capital of Colombia- Bogotá. Sharing this book with your little one snuggled on your lap will have you dreaming of traveling there together one day.
- Raquel

Nuestra América : 30 inspiring latinas/latinos who have shaped the United States

Vourvoulias, Sabrina, author.

jBIOGRAPHY 920.968 Vourvoulias

Published in association with the Smithsonian Institution and the Molina Family Latino Gallery, a celebration of 30 of history's most influential Latinas and Latinos shares the uplifting stories of subjects ranging from Pura Belpré and César Chávez to Jennifer Lopez and Sonia Sotomayor.

user image

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by learning about some of the amazing people who have helped shape our world.
- Raquel

Latinitas : celebrating 40 big dreamers

Menéndez, Juliet, author, illustrator.

j920.72 Menendez

Menéndez shares information about influential Latinas from all over Latin America and across the United States. Each two-page spread includes a full-page drawing of the woman as a child; the second page contains a brief biography of the woman, and highlights her contributions to history. These women followed their dreams-- and just might encourage you to follow yours! -- adapted from jacket and perusal of book.

Paletero man

Diaz, Lucky, author.

jE Diaz

"Follow along with our narrator as he passes through his busy neighborhood in search of the Paletero Man. But when he finally catches up with him, our narrator's pockets are empty. Oh no! What happened to his dinero? It will take the help of the community to get the tasty treat now"--Provided by publisher.

Quinito's neighborhood

Cumpiano, Ina.

j468.6 Cumpiano

Sumario en español: Quinito sabe que su vecindad consiste en mas que edificios, calles y tienda. Todos los vecinos tienen trabajos importantes y cada amigo y vecino sabe y valora cada uno.

Dinner on domingos

Katona, Alexandra, author.

jE Katona

"Warm memories wash over a first-generation Latinx American girl as she experiences a typical Sunday night dinner at her Abuelita's house. As Alejandra thinks about all the good times her family has had there, she decides that she wants to be brave and try speaking Spanish with Abuelita so that they can deepen their bond"--Provided by publisher.

user image

A sweet read that touches on the importance of being with family, sharing a meal, and trying your best-- even when it's hard.
- Raquel

Who was the voice of the people? : Cesar Chavez

Blas, Terry, author.

jBIOGRAPHY Chavez, Cesar

""Viva La Huelga! Viva La Causa!" Discover the true story behind Cesar Chavez and the Delano Grape Strike, as he and the National Farm Workers Association set out on an incredible three-hundred-mile protest march in support of farmworkers' rights."--

A girl named Rosita : the story of Rita Moreno: actor, singer, dancer, trailblazer!

Denise, Anika, author.

jE Denise

"The life of Puerto Rican actress, dancer, and singer Rita Moreno, from her girlhood journey to the United States to her rise as a timeless superstar"--