Get lost in art!

This spring-into-summer season is such a beautiful time--the changing temps, the new colors bursting forth, the longer light of day, the warmer breezes, the bird sound, the first buzzing insects--all of it is a delight for the senses! What better than to double-down on engaging with the sensory world by grabbing a few of the new art-related books from ICPL, and get lost in an exhibition catalog, or grab an instructional book and try your hand at capturing some of these fleeting moments yourself.


Collishaw, Mat, author.

709.2 /Collishaw

Contemporary artist Mat Collishaw debuts new work alongside existing pieces in this exhibition at Kew. Drawing on an array of evocative imagery from the natural world, Petrichor will showcase a variety of pioneering techniques and explore the relationship between art and nature, including its ability to impact the way in which we see the world around us.

The insect artist : how to observe, draw, and paint butterflies, bees, and more

Thalden, Zebith Stacy, author.

704.943257 /Thaiden

"The first part of the book will be a brief discussion of materials; the bulk of the book will consist of lessons, beginning with simple insects (such as a ladybug) and progressing to more complicated forms, such as butterflies. Each lesson will start with basic shapes and then add detail and color. There will be a total of 15 lessons. A final section will highlight artwork created by six of Zebith's students, with brief discussions of the technical issues each artist faced"--

Loose and lively animals : in watercolour, inks & mixed media

Allsopp, Jo, author.

751.422432 /Allsopp

"Animals are a perennial favourite amongst artists, but many struggle with capturing their form and character in a way that reflects the true spirit of the animal. In this bright, breezy and accessible book, Jo Allsopp's genuine passion for wildlife is clear. That love is reflected in her art, and her loose, lively and dynamic style is one that many wish to emulate. Including a broad range of animals from around the world - everything from red squirrels to peacocks, lions and housecats - this book will inspire and instruct beginner artists, appeal to animal-loving hobby artists, and provide new ideas for more advanced artists who wish to loosen up their style and take a more experimental approach to their watercolour painting"--Publisher's description.

Comparative hell : arts of Asian underworlds

709.5 /Comparative

"Hell has been embodied and portrayed in terrifying, bizarre, and occasionally humorous incarnations across religions and cultures for millennia. Whether considered as places of eternal or finite punishment, underworlds provide a rich setting for a potent cast of characters that have caught the imaginations of artists and patrons who have shaped the visual cultures of Asia's system of belief, particularly Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Islam. Trough masterpieces from West Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the diaspora, paired with essays from renowned scholars, this publication explores both differences and similarities in conceptions of the afterlife and artistic practices from religion to religion and culture to culture. This journey trough judgment, punishment, and even the promise of salvation sheds light on the fundamental questions of life, death and existence."-- From publisher's website.

The art of the literary poster : the Leonard A. Lauder Collection

Rudnick, Allison, author, curator.


"During the 1890s, a new type of poster emerged in the United States, one that more closely resembled a work of art than an advertisement. Thanks to recent advancements in printing techniques, artists could create colorful, inventive compositions that seamlessly integrated text and images. Recognizing the broad appeal of this novel art form, the publishing industry began commissioning sophisticated placards to advertise magazines, journals, books, and other types of literature. Though short-lived, the so-called literary poster had a lasting impact on illustration, graphic design, and marketing in the United States. This exhibition will present more than 40 highlights from The Met's outstanding collection of literary posters, developed over four decades through the vision and support of Leonard A. Lauder. With a focus on innovations in style and technique, it will feature works by the leading American poster artists of the day, including Will H. Bradley, Joseph Christian Leyendecker, Edward Penfield, and Ethel Reed."


Vermeer, Johannes, 1632-1675, artist. art

759.9492 /Vermeer

Published to accompany the Vermeer exhibition held at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 10 February to 4 June 2023.

Creative abstract watercolor : the beginner's guide to expressive and imaginative painting

Leach, Kate Rebecca, author.

751.422 /Leach

"Create abstract art using easy techniques and nothing more than watercolor paints and a few pens. Discover tips and tricks to create your own vibrant art, letting the watercolor flow to form your composition and inspire embellishment. Through a variety of projects, you'll learn to use color, texture, and contrast to create stunning abstract art"--

Plein air techniques for artists : principles and methods for painting in natural light

Erickson, Aimee, 1967- author.

751.4 /Erickson

In painting, color is used to describe light. Plein air painting is primarily about responding to the conditions of the day, about making some kind of visual record of what you see. As the landscape changes with the light, its appearance shifts. Erickson presents the step-by-step process for plein air for landscape, still life, and the figure. By learning to recognize and understand various lighting scenarios, your painting becomes a record of your understanding of the phenomenon around you. - adapted from Introduction

Found and ground : a practical guide to making your own foraged paints

Ross, Caroline (Artist), author.

751.2 /Ross

"Learn the secrets of creating paint from the ground beneath your feet; from the rocks, clay and soil of the earth itself. Author and artist Caroline Ross explains when, where and how to forage as she shares her sustainable and fulfilling approach to painting. Covering every aspect of making natural paints, from finding the raw materials of stones and soils, to the techniques needed to refine them into beautiful pigments and paints, this book is suitable for the complete beginner as well as those with some expertise in art"--Page 4 of cover.

A step-by-step guide to botanical drawing & painting : create realistic pencil and watercolor illustrations of flowers, fruits, plants and more!

Kobayashi, Hidenari, 1956- author.

751.4224343 /Kobayashi

In this lushly illustrated book, master painter and art teacher Hidenari Kobayashi provides step-by-step instructions showing you how to create botanical drawings and paintings in the popular French botanical style. He details all the tools and materials needed, describes in detail the techniques you'll use, and walks you through the creative process of drawing and painting 18 different botanical subjects. A Step-by-Step Guide to Botanical Drawing & Painting provides everything you need to learn this charming style of artistic expression--from first sketch to final brushstroke!

Beauty in the beast : flora, fauna, and endangered species of artist Ralph Burke Tyree

Cook, CJ, author.

759.13 /Tyree

"Ralph Burke Tyree was a prolific artist who helped popularize Polynesian art in the 20th century. Beauty in the Beast is the story of Tyree's creative genius in painting flora and fauna, including colorful and exotic animals from around the world, many of which are endangered species. Raised in California's Central Valley, Tyree received his art education in San Francisco. He joined the Marines after the start of World War II and deployed to Samoa in the South Pacific, where Private Tyree was designated the resident artist of the Marine base. He returned to California after the war, married his high school sweetheart, Margo, started a family, and began to work as a professional artist in California and the Pacific Rim. He depicted the idyllic beauties in beach or jungle settings with tropical flora, notably plumeria and hibiscus, adorning the hair of his subjects. Initially, he primarily painted with oils on board, but in 1960 Tyree switched mediums and began painting with oils on fine black velvet to add depth and texture. In 1970, when the first Earth Day sparked the environmental movement of the 1970s, and DDT threatened the bald eagle and other birds of prey with extinction, endangered animals entered his repertoire. For the next decade, his primary interest was oil painting these majestic creatures on both board and velvet, bringing awareness to their declining numbers."

Ink & wash in the garden : watercolor & ink birds, insects, wildlife & more

Damsbo Brix, Camilla, author.

751.42243 /Damsbo Brix

Create the cutest garden dwellers in ink & watercolor. Celebrate the beautiful world of backyard birds, butterflies, bumblebees and more with captivating ink and wash designs by artist and educator Camilla Damsbo Brix. With her detailed step-by-step tutorials and progress photos, Camilla makes capturing the beauty of your garden as easy as can be. In these 25 compositions, you'll master Camilla's loose, impressionist style of expressive lines and brilliant washes--the perfect way to impressively portray the essence of your subject without hours of work. Detail the fine lines of a majestic, red-washed cardinal on his nest. Sketch a striking dragonfly with bold markings and wind-ready wings, then fill it in with drips of bright phtalo blue and burnt umber. Capture a hungry hummingbird with playful water droplets and vibrant colors. Or put it all together with Camilla's garden staples (everything from a rustic picket fence to a blooming butterfly bush) to create a bountiful backyard scene! No matter your skill level, you will love expanding your artistic repertoire of techniques and creating these vibrant ink and wash masterpieces. Enter an elegant garden world brought effortlessly to life with the magic of simple linework and watercolor.