Have You Been Attending Spanish Bilingual Storytime? ¿Has estado asistiendo a la hora del cuento bilingüe en español?

Language learning is an exciting journey that can open up many doors to the world. It has been a joy to be able to provide Spanish Bilingual Storytime at the library. The prize is the process!

Here are some of the books we have read. The titles listed are available for check-out in the Children's Room. If you need help finding where these books are, just ask at the desk. We are always happy to help. Keep your eyes open for a blog post where I will list some of our favorite songs from storytime!
El aprendizaje de idiomas es un proceso increíble que puede abrir muchas puertas al mundo. Ha sido un placer poder ofrecer Cuentos bilingües en español en la biblioteca. ¡El premio es el proceso!

Estos son algunos de los libros que hemos leído. Los libros están disponibles para prestar en la Sala de niños. Si necesita ayuda para encontrar dónde están estos libros, pregunte en la Sala de niños. Siempre estamos felices de ayudar. ¡Estén atentos a una publicación de blog donde puede encontrar algunas de nuestras canciones favoritas de la hora del cuento!

I love you, baby burrito

Dominguez, Angela, author, illustrator.

jE Dominguez

"From Pura Belpre honoree Angela Dominguez, I Love You, Baby Burrito is a modern classic picture book celebrating the act of swaddling a newborn into a baby burrito." -- Provided by publisher.

Marta! big & small

Arena, Jen, author.

jE Arena

In this story that incorporates Spanish words, Marta explores the world of opposites and animals.

Wiggling pockets = Los bolsillos saltarines

Mora, Pat.

j468.6 Mora

At a family gathering, mischief ensues when Danny releases frogs from his wiggling pockets.

Cinco monitos brincando en la cama = Five little monkeys jumping on the bed

Christelow, Eileen, author, illustrator.

j468.6 Christelow

At bedtime, the five little monkeys are jumping on the bed, and being too raucous for their own good.

¿Qué hay en LA caja?

Daywalt, Drew, author.

j468.6 Daywalt

Meet Monkey and Cake. They are silly and they are curious. Sometime they agree and sometimes they do not. In this book, Monkey and Cake cannot agree what's inside Monkey's mysterious box. Is it a kitty? Is it a dinosaur? How will they find out -- and what do you think is inside?

The very hungry caterpillar = La oruga muy hambrienta

Carle, Eric.

j468.6 Carle

Follows the progress of a hungry little caterpillar as he eats his way through a varied and very large quantity of food until, full at last, he forms a cocoon around himself and goes to sleep.

Sing with me = Canta conmigo

Orozco, José-Luis, author.

j468.634 Orozco

Come along and sing with me! Sing along to your child's favorite songs, from "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to "The Wheels on the Bus," in English and in Spanish! Accompanied by joyful, charming illustrations by Pura Belpré award winner Sara Palacios, this book is for every child who loves to sing, dance, and play.

Buenas noches gorila

Rathmann, Peggy.

j468.6 Rathmann

In this story, a gorilla and other animals escape from their cages and follow the guard to his house to sleep. En este cuento la gorila y otros animales escapan de sus jaulas y siguen al guardia a su casa a dormir.

¡Perros! ¡Perros! = Dogs! Dogs!

Gibson, Ginger Foglesong.

j468.6 Guy

Practice opposites as you follow the dogs around town. Where are they going? Join the fun and enjoy the surprise!

Un pájaro en casa

Gómez, Blanca, author, illustrator.

j468.6 Gomez

A little girl and her abuela tend to an injured bird they find in the snow, allowing it to fly around the living room until it is ready to be released.

Good morning = Buenos días

Martí, Meritxell

j468.6 Martí

An interactive book about the morning to practice the simple phrase, "Buenos días."

Vámonos a Bogotá

Rodríguez, Patty, author.

j468.66 Rodríguez

Introduce your little readers to Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, one of the most famous cities for finding emeralds. Children will travel through colorful streets and find hidden gems rooted in history and culture.

De la cabeza a los pies

Carle, Eric.

j468.6 Carle

Encourages the reader to exercise by following the movements of various animals; presented in a question and answer format.

Salsa lullaby

Arena, Jen, author.

jE Arena

Parents put their young daughter to sleep with the help of some music and dancing.

Sonrisas for baby : a little book of smiles

Arena, Jen, author.

j468.6 Arena

Everyone has smiles for baby -- from un amigo to la familia to las ranas and un pez, in this charming board book that gently infuses easy Spanish vocabulary into the text.

Freight train = Tren de carga

Crews, Donald.

j468.6 Crews

Brief text and illustrations trace the journey of a colorful train as it goes through tunnels, by cities, and over trestles.

Las ruedas del autobús giran y giran

Kubler, Annie, 1960- artist.

j468.6 Kubler

Animal talk : Mexican folk art animal sounds in English and Spanish

Weill, Cynthia, author.

j468.6 Weill

"Animals living in one country don't always talk the same language as animals from somewhere else. Take a rooster, for instance. In English-speaking countries, he says cock-a-doodle-doo when he has a notion to announce himself or to greet the dawn. But in Spanish-speaking countries, he says ki-kiri-ki. Emerging readers will delight in identifying the animals depicted on each new page. The bilingual text invites parent and child into an interactive reading experience for acting out animal sounds in English and Spanish"

Besos for baby : a little book of kisses

Arena, Jen, author.


Simple text in English and Spanish show how love is the same in any language.

Sing, don't cry

Dominguez, Angela, author.

jE Domingue

Presents a loving Abuelo who brings his guitar and memories on visits spent singing with his grandchildren in the face of good and bad times.

How do you say? = Cómo se dice?

Dominguez, Angela, author, illustrator.

jE Dominguez

The story of two giraffes - one English-speaking and one Spanish-speaking - that overcome the language barrier to forge a friendship.

How are you? = Cómo estás?

Dominguez, Angela, author, illustrator.

jE Domingue

Two baby giraffes meet a baby ostrich and must guess how their potential new friend is feeling.

Ten little birds = Diez pajaritos

123 Andrés (Musical group), author.

j468.6 Ten

Latin Grammy Award-winning children's musical duo 123 Andrés brings us a bilingual friendship song in board book form!

user image

This bilingual book counts down from ten. There is a fun song that goes with it, by 123 Andrés. Colorful illustrations make this book come alive.
- Raquel


Dunbar, Polly.

j468.6 Dunbar

Lucas is delighted to receive a penguin for his birthday but Pingüino will not answer or respond to him in any way, no matter what Lucas does, until, at last, they discover the language of friendship.

user image

Such a sweet story about friendship. I love reading this story aloud- no matter what the weather is like outside.
- Raquel