Belly Babies

Expecting your little bundle of joy?

Research suggests that your baby can hear you and your partner's voice as early as 23 weeks. Belly Babies is a great way to start a reading ritual before your baby is born. Families at any stage are welcome, whether it's your first or later child!

Belly Babies is a four-week pre-birth early literacy program designed to help families start a reading ritual before the baby arrives. You'll learn early literacy tips, songs, and rhymes. Our goal is to help you build a community of support and prepare you right from the start!


Upcoming events

Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 12:30pm

Storytime Room

Belly Babies is a FREE program for expecting parents. Each session is 30 minutes. We'll kick off this program with prenatal yoga, taught by Karen Gordon. Wear comfortable clothing. Non-pregnant partners welcome, (no experience necessary)...