Press ReleaseNew Automatic Renewal Service Available

The Iowa City Public Library aspires to make your life easier by introducing automatic renewals service. Library patrons will no longer need to manually renew eligible items before they are due. Beginning October 5, automatic renewals occur on all items unless:

  • a library card account does not have an email connected to it
  • a library card is expired or blocked due to unpaid fines and replacement fees
  • an item is on hold for another patron
  • an item is ineligible for automatic renewal such as art prints, digital downloads, or equipment
  • a library card account has reached its limit of renewals for that item type

For items that are automatically renewed, patrons will receive an email notification of the new due dates. Eligible materials will automatically renew twice.

Going forward, due dates will return to their original loan period which can be determined at The Library will extend due dates for items sent through mail by one week to ensure patrons have sufficient time with them.

For more information, call the Library Mondays through Fridays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at 319-356-5200.