Public Libraries of Johnson County

In Iowa, a public library is established by an ordinance adopted by a city council. The ordinance becomes the law under which the library exists. Public Libraries of Johnson County includes all public libraries in the county established by ordinance. Visit the State Library of Iowa Accreditation and Standards to learn more. Public Libraries of Johnson County Coralville Public Library logo

Coralville Public Library

1401 Fifth Street Coralville IA 52241 (319) 248-1850
Iowa City Public Library logo

Iowa City Public Library

123 South Linn Street Iowa City IA 52240 (319) 356-5200
North Liberty Community Library logo

North Liberty Community Library

520 West Cherry Street North Liberty IA 52317 (319) 626-5701

Oxford Public Library

112 Augusta Avenue Oxford IA 52322 (319) 828-4087
Solon Public Library logo

Solon Public Library

320 West Main Street Solon IA 52333 (319) 624-2678
Swisher Community Library logo

Swisher Community Library

72 Second St SW Swisher, IA 52338 (319) 857-4090

Tiffin - Springmier Community Library

311 West Marengo Rd Tiffin IA 52340 (319) 545-2960