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Cricut FAQs

Reservations to use the Cricut are available during Digital Media Lab Help Hours. You may reserve more than one consecutive hour and show up anytime during the block of time you reserve. One reservation at a time per person. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

About the Cricut Maker 3

Cricut machine

Cricut® makes smart cutting machines with an easy-to-use app & desktop software to help you design and personalize almost anything — custom cards, unique apparel, and everyday items. After you put together a design on a computer or the app, the Cricut cuts it out. (Pronounced “cricket” like the insect.)

What can it make?

  • Iron-ons for t-shirts and canvas bags
  • Vinyl stickers for car windows, water bottles, and gifts
  • Paper cut-outs for cards and craft projects
  • Projects with leather, fabric, felt, cardboard, and more*
  • Written text and drawn designs*

*May require specialized tools not provided

Where do I get the designs?

Upload your own designs as .svg files made in Adobe Illustrator or found online.

Use designs provided by our Cricut Access subscription with over 250,000 pre-made designs and 700+ fonts.

List of Cricut books

We also built a list of library books that have lots of ideas and designs for how to use our Cricut. Check out our list of Cricut books for inspiration!

What does the library provide?

Three Cricut tools for precision work Green cricut mats
  • Cricut Maker 3
  • Fine point blade
  • Deep point blade
  • Engraving tip
  • Scoring stylus
  • 12x12" mats in light, standard, & strong grip
  • Weeding tools
  • Scrapers - 2" and 5" wide
  • EasyPress 2 heat tool for iron-ons
  • Heat mat
  • Cricut Design Space software & Cricut Access subscription on Digital Media Lab computers

What do I need to bring?

The materials you will cut, transfer paper for vinyl cut-outs, anything you plan to stick them to (such as water bottles), and any additional blades (including the housings), pens, or infusible ink materials if desired.

Where can I get materials?

Look for vinyl at craft stores such as JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels, Target, and online.

Basic materials are for sale via the Digital Media Lab:

  • Permanent Smart Vinyl in white
  • Smart Iron-On Heat Transfer Vinyl in white
  • Transfer Tape


ICPL is not responsible for machine and application errors and cannot reimburse you for your materials.

If your projects are so intricate that the library’s blades are quickly dulled, we’ll come up with a plan for a reasonable amount of usage.

Privacy: Our shared Cricut Design Space account will allow others to see your saved projects. Delete them when you finish, or library staff will clear it regularly.