Display Details

Accordion Walls

Accordion Walls Display
  • Mobile double-sided display surface
  • Textile allows for staples, pushpins, or velcro
  • Has 5 panels measuring 21" x 65" each or 105" x 65" all together


T-Walls Display
  • Resealable surface for staples and pushpins
  • All units have three surfaces:
    • 46" wide x 64" tall on the top
    • 54" wide x 64" tall along each side
    • 19" wide x 64" tall on each shorter inside
  • Groups may reserve one or two T-Wall units based on availability

North Wall

North Wall Display
  • 9’ tall by 18’ wide wall with a resealable surface for staples and pushpins
  • Hanging art system with rail and wire for framed pieces
  • Two locking glass cases are available for use against the wall; each case has two shelves that are 18” deep, 33.5” wide, and 18” high

Round Kiosk

Round Kiosk Display
  • Mix and match to meet your needs:
    • Bulletin board bases and tops for attaching signage
    • Book round to hold handouts and library materials on your topic
    • Large acrylic top to enclose display items
  • All units are 32” in diameter and 102” in circumference. A combination of elements may not exceed 7.5' (90”) in height.