Meeting Room FAQ

Groups utilizing the Library's meeting rooms must adhere to the Meeting Room Use Policy.

What is a Non-profit Citizens Group?

This is a group of individuals meeting for a non-profit purpose. A second contact’s information is required for Non-profit Citizen's Groups.

Will I receive an email confirmation?

If you submit your email address when you request a room, you will receive an email confirmation of a submitted event and also if staff approves your event.

What if I have a big meeting with many details?

If you wish to reserve rooms A, B, and C together, or if you have many equipment needs, please call the Library at 319-356-5200 during regular Library hours.

What if I want to show a movie or film?

Proof of Public Performance Rights must be shared with Library staff prior to the event. U.S. copyright law governs performing or reproducing copyrighted materials in a public place unless permission has been granted by the copyright holder.

I submitted a reservation – why can't I see it on the calendar?

Reservations do not appear on the calendar until they are reviewed and approved.

The time I want to reserve is shown in dark gray on the daily calendar-why can't I reserve it?

Periodically there are private Library events in rooms or the rooms are reserved for maintenance. We are unable to book public meetings during this time.

My name and telephone number appear on the reservation-what if I don't want my personal information on your website?

All meetings are subject public notice. You must provide contact information in case someone from the community wishes to contact that person and also so Library staff can follow up with a person responsible for the event if needed.

Does my meeting have to be open to the public?

Events scheduled in Meeting Room A or combined Meeting Rooms A, B, and C must be open to the public.

Can I sell or fundraise at my meeting?

Selling and fundraising in our meeting rooms and lobby is not allowed except when it benefits the Library.

Can I charge people to attend my meeting?

Events cannot charge attendees unless it benefits the Library or Friends Foundation. Charges to reimburse actual cost of food and materials are acceptable if authorized in advance by Library staff.

Can I schedule a series of events?

Groups can only have one meeting or a brief series of meetings extending for no longer than a two week period at any one time. If you’d like to meet monthly, you can make next month’s reservation when you pick up the key for your meeting.

Is there a fee for using the rooms?

It doesn’t cost to use the meeting rooms, however, if the room is not returned to its standard setup, if there are damages, or if extraordinary cleanup must occur a minimum of $50 will be charged to cover it.

What if I want to move the furniture around?

It is okay to move furniture that is not fixed to the floor; however, you are responsible for returning the room to the standard set up. Standard set ups are posted in each room. Tables in Rooms D and E may not be moved.

Can I reserve a meeting room for a time when the Library is not open?

Meeting rooms are only available during regular Library hours. With prior approval, Meeting Rooms A, B, C and D could be available beginning at 9am on weekdays depending on staff availability.

Can groups reserve the Library lobby?

No, only the meeting rooms may be used for your meeting.

Can I serve food at my meetings?

Yes, but you must clean up when you are done. If you anticipate you will have a lot of trash, please notify us ahead of time and we’ll put an extra trash receptacle in the room. The Help Desk can also supply a vacuum cleaner if needed.

Will someone be available to manage my AV needs?

The Library is not staffed to provide an AV specialist for all meetings. If you need assistance, the Help Desk staff can call someone to assist you. We do not have staff available outside of Library hours to assist with meeting room issues. We recommend you set up an appointment before your meeting to test any AV equipment you will use during your meeting.