2022 Spring International Writing Program (IWP) Panel: Writing the Not-self

Join International Writing Program (IWP) writers-in-residence and members of the public for a panel discussion of "Writing the Not-self."
Writers often create characters different from themselves in one way or another. When such a character is depicted as “belonging” to a distinct, recognizable group—perhaps a minority, what is the writer’s responsibility toward representing the “other” accurately—if any? Are there comparable challenges for one who writes from a marginalized position?
Current IWP 2022 Spring Residents on the panel:
Angel IGOV (novelist, translator, scholar; Bulgaria)
Sara JARAMILLO KLINKERT (journalist, novelist, screenwriter; Colombia)
Walid HAJAR RACHEDI (fiction writer, publisher, screenwriter; France)
Shehan KARUNATILAKA (novelist, screenwriter; Sri Lanka)
More about them here: https://iwp.uiowa.edu/residency/participants

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