Getting Our Legal, Financial and Health Care Affairs in Order | TRAIL of Johnson County and ICPL

End-of-life financial and health care decisions should not be left until the last minute. Advanced planning, putting our “house in order,” to provide clear instructions for our loved ones helps to avoid the stress of hasty, last-minute decisions regarding our end-of-life financial and health care decisions.

Guest speaker UI Law Professor Emeritus Shelly Kurtz will explain these important issues and discuss the documents needed to help ensure our wishes are followed.

Shelly Kurtz is the David H. Vernon Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Iowa College of Law. During his 50 year career at UI he authored six books on Property, Trust and Estate Law. He taught Health Law at Iowa for nearly 30 years, and is one of the authors of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, which is the law allowing people to donate their organs for transplant or scientific research. In the US, all 50 states have enacted some version of the UAGA.

This event is sponsored by TRAIL of Johnson County (Tools and Resources for Active, Independent Living) and the Iowa City Public Library.

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