April tech workshops for adults

Feeling poetic and crafty? Let's Put A Poem On It!  You pick the line of poetry and we'll show you how to format, print, and turn it into a packing tape transfer.  You'll leave with a votive in a customized glass candle holder and a little more poetry in your life.

Maybe you could use some Gmail Tips & Tricks?  If your inbox is a source of frustration or you can sense that Gmail is more powerful than you're using it, we'll cover some basics and share features you might not know.  This one's on Zoom!

What are websites made of, anyway?  Emma is giving an Introduction to HTML and CSS so you can learn the basic building blocks of webpages and their visual design.

Do you wish you were better at searching the internet, downloading files, avoiding ads, and filling in online forms?  Maybe you have a relative or neighbor who asks you for help?  Our Internet Basics class can help.

Almost everybody is a graphic designer these days, when you consider how often we make documents, create flyers, put text on a photo for a party invitation, or made a slideshow.  Make yours better with Graphic Design Concepts.

You want ebooks, and we have them.  Learn how to browse for and read ebooks in Libby and Hoopla at Ebooks from the Library on Zoom.


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