Enter: Batwoman

Batwoman is one of the most high-profile LGBTQ super-heroes in comic books today.  She has become an interesting and integral part of the Batman Family.  In February 2017, she will be joining forces with Batman to co-lead a new squad of crime fighters to protect Gotham City in Detective Comics: v.1: Rise of the Batmen (Rebirth).  This is an excellent time to catch-up on her background and origin story in Batwoman: Elegy by the superstar creative team of Greg (Wonder Woman, Gotham Central) Rucka and J.H. (Promethea, Sandman Overture) Williams III.  Part super-hero epic, part military thriller, with elements of the supernatural and horror thrown into the mix, this book, with stunningly designed artwork by Williams, will have you clamoring for more, which fortunately there is.  Although Rucka does not continue writing Batwoman after this initial volume, Williams does a bang-up job of co-plotting as well contributing artwork starting with Batwoman: Hydrology.

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J.H. Williams'artwork is just incredible. The storylines are great, Batwoman is an engaging and complex character. One of my favorites!