Fresh Picks: Poetry

As a cataloger, I see a lot of interesting, brand-new books every day. Sometimes the covers and titles are just so interesting I have to take a peek inside. Since it's National Poetry Month, I'll share some of the most recent poetry books that caught my eye.

Catch Your breath: Writing Poignant Poetry by Laura Purdie Salas is a great new book full of ideas and inspiration to write your own poetry. It's full of examples of different types of poems, as well as good writing habits and profiles of famous poets.

What Are You Glad About? What Are You Mad About? by Judith Viorst is chock full of poems that perfectly describe the many passing feelings and lasting emotions experienced by children. All the most important subjects are included: family, friends, pets, travel, school plus a few mysteries.

Amazing Places selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins immediately caught my eye as not only do I love poetry, but I also love traveling. These poems are about places all around the United States. It was fun to look at the map endpapers and figure out which poems I had been to. I've been to six of the poem places, how about you?

Now You See Them, Now You Don't by David L. Harrison is a really interesting hybrid between poetry and biology. This collection of verse is also full of facts about the different species that use camouflage in different ways. The illustrations give a good idea of how well their adaptations help each one blend in with their surroundings, plus the last few pages have more detailed information about each creature featured.

These are just a few of the books that come my way every day. I hope you'll enjoy checking them out!



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