ICPL to host Teen Anime Cosplay Tea Party


Cosplay, anime, otaku, chibi: Do these terms mean anything to you? If so, you might already be into "cosplay," a portmanteau of the words costume and play. Cosplay allows fans to show their enthusiasm to the world for a character through the use of makeup, costumes, and roleplay. Hundreds of thousands of anime and pop-culture fans use cosplay to express their dedication through creativity, craft, and imagination.
Interested in giving cosplay and anime a try? ICPL's Teen Services is hosting an anime cosplay event from 2-4pm, Wednesday, February 28th in the Teen Center. Open to students in grades 7-12, "Teen Anime Cosplay Tea Party" is your opportunity to explore cosplay, view anime, and make friends. We will celebrate no school on Wednesday by watching anime, sipping tea, and snacking on Japanese treats, just like those seen in Black Butler and Ouran Host Club. There will be a prize for best cosplay, so be sure to wear your finest anime-inspired cosplay--but you can come as you are, too!
"Teen Anime Cosplay Tea Party" is a free event. For more information, call the Library at 319-356-5200.



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