Kinnick Stadium, Iowa Children's Museum, Englert Theatre, Hancher Auditorium

Kinnick Stadium, the Iowa Children's Museum, the Englert Theatre and Hancher Auditorium.  All great destination points.  If you're lucky you get to visit each of them a couple of times of year.  The number of people who visited the Iowa City Public Library downtown building last year (797,017) is more than the  annual attendance at all of these facilities combined!  Our fiscal year ended June 30th and it was another busy year.  Last year we could boast the busiest public library building in the state, and I think we will keep that honor this year.  We are very happy to serve a community that loves the Library and to be part of a vibrant downtown area with something for everyone.  If you are new to town and haven't been in yet, be sure to stop by and get a library card.  Make us one of your destination points.

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