Managing your library account? There's an app for that.

There's a new MyICPL app in town!

Our goal with this new app is to duplicate the functionality of the old app as best as we could since the old one has stopped working for some people and we want to get them a replacement. So it will look roughly the same as the old app but minus a few features due to software limitations. The best part is that you never have to update it! Anytime we make changes those should automatically be pulled in for you.

You can find the app by visiting in your phone’s browser and installing.

Installing the app

MyICPL phone screenshot with four buttons labelled Accounts, Search, Events, and Contact The “install” process on the new app is a little different because it’s not in the App Store or Google Play. The new app is a website that you’ll add to your mobile device’s home screen. If you’re not familiar with the process, here's a quick how-to.

In your device's browser, navigate to We recommend Chrome for Android users and Safari for Apple users.

You should see something similar to the image here. If you see a popup notification asking you to install/add the app to your home screen, click the notification. If you don't see the notification or you missed it you can still add it manually. Here’s how from these browsers:

  • Chrome (Android only): In the browser settings menu (under the three dots), select Install app
  • Firefox (Android only): Open the browser settings menu (under the three dots) and tap Install
  • Safari: Tap the share icon ( share icon ) and scroll down to Add to Home Screen

There might be a second Add button and you should click that to add it to your apps list.

Want to see it in action? Watch how to install the app for Apple:

And here's how to install on Android:

If you have any trouble getting it installed or you would like help, call us at 319-356-5200 and we'll walk you through it!


The features are pretty similar to the old app, but if you haven't used the old one, here's what you can expect:

Manage Your Account(s)

If you're wanting to keep track of the items you have borrowed, the app will save your account information and you can check it as often as you need to. Have an item that is due soon? Renew it from within the app. Or if you are waiting for an item, see what your position is in the hold line.

Have kids or multiple accounts to keep track of? It's also handy if you want to keep track of due dates on multiple accounts. Add each account once and see all items in one list. You can make sure everyone is returning their books on time.

Find Upcoming Events

Browse upcoming events at the Library. Find one you are interested in? Add it to your phone's calendar directly from the app.

Check Our Collection

Search for books, movies, music, and more and it will take you to the catalog to place it on hold. (Looking for something we don't have? We can either purchase it or borrow it from another library.)

Other features

You can check our hours, both for the day and week, and see upcoming holiday hours. Or find our contact info for when you want to get in touch. You can also read blog posts from the app to stay up-to-date.

Also try out dark mode for an easy-on-eyes theme!

Distinguishing between the apps

The two apps have very similar icons. The new one is all blue and the old one has two different colors. While it’s not a problem to have both apps, feel free to uninstall the old app and switch entirely to the new app. The old one is no longer available from the App Store or Google Play.

New Old
All blue app logo Two color app logo - blue and tan

Problems or suggestions? Screenshot of app's menu list with Feedback pointed to by an arrow

Let us know if you run into any issues with it or have features you'd like to see. We're continuing to make improvements.

There's a link to a feedback form in the app's menu so you can easily contact us with app-related comments while you're using it.

We hope you like it!



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Are there any plans to make the app available in Chrome for iPhone?

Alyssa's picture

That's a great question! The limitation isn't ours but Apple's. Apple unfortunately doesn't allow Chrome (or other third-party browsers) to add sites to the home screen but there is a way to do it using the Shortcuts app.

There are instructions on how to add shortcuts from Chrome which will walk you through the process. And when you're typing in the url in step 6 use “googlechromes://" for the url address.

Feel free to call, email, or chat with us if you need help setting it up!

I just updated my app. That was surprisingly easy!
(How cool, I want to learn how the code works. But that's a question for a different day. Or maybe an adult coding class/ workshop.)

Alyssa's picture

Glad it went well! And I'm happy to answer any questions about the app you might have!

It didn’t go well. I’m disabled and housebound. It will be easier to walk to the library and ask you to do it. Not reaching ALL of your clients. Very angry.

Not easy. Frustrating. I use a walker and it would be easier for me to walk there than to complete this process.

Alyssa's picture

I'm sorry that it did not go well for you. If you want to give us a call at 319-356-5200 we'd be happy to help you get it set up. You can let us know where you got stuck and we can update the directions to make them clearer.

Unfortunately the old app was not sustainable for us to upkeep and it had stopped working for many people. This new web app will be much easier for us to maintain and keep updated. Again I'm sorry that it was frustrating. I hope we can help you get it installed.

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