Our calendar got an upgrade!


Screenshot of new calendar
Screenshot of the new calendar

You'll notice our calendar looks quite a bit different than it used to. Today we integrated it into the rest of our site to streamline your event finding experience with the rest of our site. Along with the integration, you'll find some (hopefully!) good improvements.

Now the default view to see events is a list. If you're browsing for events, you can quickly scan the list and see what's happening at the library either today, this week, or this month. If you're looking to request a meeting room, we also still have the grid view available to spatially see when our meeting rooms are available.

We've also re-categorized all of our events to make it easier to narrow down to events you're interested in. See all the events in a single age category or type of event when looking at a month's worth of events and you can easily see what's coming up and mark your calendar accordingly.

Add to calendar button Speaking of marking your calendar, you can also now add events directly from the event page to your personal calendar by clicking the calendar icon next to the date. There are several calendars available including Google Calendar, iCalendar, and Outlook Calendar.

Each event also has a list of related events so if you find one you like, you can find more upcoming events like it.

You might have also noticed the homepage changed today as well. Along with upgrading the calendar, we also took the opportunity to update our homepage to a simpler layout. We're still making improvements and you'll continue to see more changes throughout the year as we continue working to make our website easy to use.

Have comments or feedback? Feel free to contact us through email or chat, or leave us a note through our Website Feedback form.


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Hi- I was wondering where to find the printable kids room calendar on line. I like the ability to sort out events, but I was looking for a way to print out the month's events for kids room.

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It'll be on the Kids page: https://www.icpl.org/services/kids. I've been working on this today and just now made it available.

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