New Janet Evanovich Series

Confession time: When I heard there was a new Janet Evanovich series starting I might have groaned a bit. I enjoy the Stephanie Plum series and thought the Barnaby series was laugh-out-loud funny, but I haven't really enjoyed the Fox and O'Hare series Evanovich has been writing with Lee Goldberg. I'm happy to report I think the new series, Knight and Moon, written with Phoef Sutton, has a lot of potential. Phoef Sutton was a co-writer on Evanovich's Wicked Charms, part of the entertaining series featuring the character Diesel.

Riley Moon is a street-savvy Harvard-Business and Harvard-Law educated young lady who looks forward to a career in banking. After landing a job at a prestigious bank, she's ready to make her mark on the world. Emerson Knight is an eccentric billionaire who has a facade that indicates more money than sense. He writes a doomsday blog with ideas so outlandish they might be true including suggestions the nation's gold supply is being compromised.

Knight and Moon are an unlikely dynamic duo but their chemistry works in a funny, fast paced mystery that keeps the reader guessing. I think Evanovich and Sutton are on to something good and I look forward to future installments in the Knight and Moon series.

As an aside, while writing this blog I discovered Phoef Sutton has a solid writing resume. He wrote for the TV show Newhart and was an executive producer and writer for Cheers. He's written or consulted for a number of other television shows and has also written a number of books.

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