Reserve equipment in the Digital Media Lab

You could already reserve the library's Cricut, but now we’re adding reservations for the AV digitization equipment, too. That includes VHS, audio cassette, 8mm film, and Super 8 film.

Go to and click on the Reserve Equipment tab.

Why are some times grayed out?  The Elgatos are available anytime we’re open, but the Cricut and 8mm film converter are only available during Help Hours when Stacey or Charlie are on hand.

Are advance reservations required? No, you can still drop in to see if the equipment is available. Staff will fill out the form for you to keep the webpage up-to-date.

We value your time and hope this will make it easier to plan your trips to the Digital Media Lab! 

Let us know if you have questions or suggestions at or 319-887-6073.


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