Three Cheers for ICPL!

To 2016 09 Book Cart Drill Team morrow the Iowa City Public Library's Book Cart Drill Team will hit the streets as a part of the 2016 University of Iowa Homecoming Parade. The fun starts at 5:45 and we're entry #25.

Every year Library staff have a lot of fun at the parade - it's an awesome experience to feel the love for the Library from the crowd. We also have a lot of fun entertaining the crowd with the Book Cart Drill Team with various maneuvers such as the "Pinwheel" and "Snake." Watch closely because there may also be a special appearance from our Super Hero, Book Man!

I've been tasked with leading cheers for the parade. I'm having a lot of fun sorting through the suggestions from Library staff. Which one is your favorite? Here's some of the choices:

I say Library You Say Read
Library …. Read

Library … Read


We love reading, yes we do! We love reading! How about You?




Been here more than a hundred years, give the library three big cheers
hip hip hooray
hip hip hooray
hip hip hooray


2, 4, 6, 8, We like books that circulate!


Donde ... Esta ... La Biblioteca (repeat)


Having fun isn’t hard… when you have a library card!!!


Go Library! Go Hawks! We'll see you at the Homecoming Parade!!


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