Volunteers: Thank You for Your Support, Time, and Energy

Thank you to everyone who has elected to share their volunteer time with the library over the past couple of years.  Thank you for sticking with us through a very unusual time. 

For those of you who volunteer in the building, you may never know how much you were missed while the library was closed, or how often you were collectively and individually spoken about in meetings and work sessions as we made plans to reopen, but know that your absence was a pain point, and your return has brought much joy. 

For those volunteers and elected officials who work hard to keep us funded and accredited—including the Board of Supervisors, the City Council, the Friends Foundation, and the Board of Trustees—we are honored to have your support and grateful for your time and energy. 

The Iowa City Public Library Volunteer Committee also deserves recognition for developing new ways to re-orient, re-train, and re-welcome volunteers back into the library.  


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