Are you good at Google?

Google has dozens of free online services like Google Docs and Drive.  Do you have a sense of each one's capabilities and whether it could be useful in your life?

To find out, we put together a Google Skills Check-up for you!

Take your time and fill out these checklists to see if there are new features you might like to explore.

What's included? Gmail, Maps, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Calendar, Forms, and Translate - plus a few bonus points about Alerts, Books, Scholar, and Meet.  Feel free to skip over anything that doesn't interest you.

for yourself or use this online version

Note: The online version doesn't have a save option, but you can submit your answers and get a PDF if you like.


Questions?  Let know, or stop by one of our Google Skills Drop-In sessions on May 26 or June 7.


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I hope google is paying the library to shill their services.

Stacey's picture

I know what you mean, but I promise they aren't! We get lots of questions from people using Google software, and providing assistance (including preemptive learning) is part of our digital literacy work. Thanks for your comment!

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