We're Planning for an ICPL bookmobile!

The Iowa City City Council has approved funding for a new library service -- a bookmobile! The timeline calls for the bookmobile (which has to be custom designed and built) to hit Iowa City streets in March of 2017.  The idea for the service grew out of feedback we heard during our last strategic planning process.  People wanted and needed greater access to library services, and for some, coming downtown was a barrier.  Branch libraries are very expensive to build, maintain and operate and they only serve the neighborhood they're in.  A bookmobile will provide flexible, neighborhood services reaching new library users as well as providing convenient access to people who already use the library.

If you have ideas about where you would like to see stops for the bookmobile let us know.  We are considering schools, parks, mobile home parks, retirement communities, and retail areas.  We need enough room to park a large vehicle with safe access for people coming and going, restrooms available near by as well as a safe area in case of severe weather.  We are very excited about this new service that will bring the library to you!

If you're looking for a current bookmobile service, the Antelope Lending Library, a local nonprofit library, has a full summer schedule planned.  The Antelope Lending Library's primary focus is serving families and children, but they have materials for adults as well.

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Bravo!!! What a terrific idea! Many thanks to the City Council for the "go ahead" funding and for the work of ICPL to reach all the community and really make a difference.

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