Press ReleasePaper or Pixels? At ICPL You Don’t Have to Choose

Kindle The Library offers 14 Kindles loaded with popular books for adults, teens, and children. Loaned for three-weeks, you can access a stack of books with a device that is the size of a magazine and lighter than a paperback. No need to download or connect to the Internet; you are ready to read as soon as you check one out. For more information, stop at the Help Desk on the first floor. If you would prefer to read on your own device, check out our eBook collection at

If you are more interested in sitting down with a magazine, visit to access our collection of digital magazines. With 100 magazine titles available, read the latest issue of mental_floss or Organic Gardening right on your device or computer.  No matter how you want to read these last few weeks of summer, with a book or a tablet, we’ve got you covered.


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