Backyard Animals!

Meet some animals you may recognize from your backyard and learn how to keep them safe in this conservation program with Johnson County Naturalist Sydney Algreen.


Fossil Frenzy with Sarah Horgen

Explore the buried gems of the past and discover the heroes of Iowa's fossil record with Sarah Horgen from the University of Iowa's Museum of Natural History.


Eulenspiegel Presents: Little Red Riding Hood

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood comes to life with hand crafted marionettes, scenery and an array of wacky characters the entire family is sure to love.

Eulenspiegel's adaptation of this...


The Comedy Magic of Rick Eugene

Comedy Magician Rick Eugene is back with a side splitting, smile making, doldrums breaking spring break special for the entire family. This show is sure to leave you laughing, wondering and...


Author Interview With Peter Brown

Morgan Reeves sits down with author and illustrator Peter Brown to pick his brain on artistic techniques, writing inspirations, and the world of children's literature.

Recorded November 11...

Books and Writing, Children's