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The Affordable Care Act: Is it Constitutional?

A panel discussion with Peter Damiano, Professor Sheldon Kurtz, Andrew Cannon.

Sponsored by The League of Women Voters of Johnson County and The Iowa City Public Library. Part of the League...

Current Issues and Politics

Intellectual Freedom Fest: Individual Liberties and the Constitution

“What's the Bill If We Don't Get It Right? Individual Freedom and the Constitution,” with guest speaker Ben Stone, Executive Director of the Iowa ACLU.

Current Issues and Politics

Eco Iowa City: Energy Efficiency in Your Home

John O'Roake, Energy Efficiency Manager at MidAmerican will offer energy savings options in the home including a free energy audit and other ways to heat and cool your home efficiently.


Current Issues and Politics

World Copyright Day

Closing Chapters, Opening Attachments: The Future of the Book

April 2011

Current Issues and Politics

The Patriot Act

American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression

Current Issues and Politics

Irving Weber Days: Iowa Heritage Digital Collections

Mark Anderson and Nancy Kraft discuss the Iowa Heritage Digital Collections.

May 2006

Current Issues and Politics, Local History

Intellectual Freedom Festival: Rating the Movies

Value-added information, industry self-regulation, or censorship

October 2002

Current Issues and Politics