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Raising Anti-Racist White Kids: A Conversation for All of Us

Difficult conundrums exist when it comes to raising white children in a society that is one of the most racially diverse in the world, while also being full of racial inequity and injustice....

Current Issues and Politics

Panel Discussion: Stories from the U.S.-Mexico Border and the State of Asylum Policy

Recorded by April 3, 2019

The UI Center for Human Rights and the Iowa City Catholic Worker House will host a panel discussion on recent events at the U.S. Mexico border and its implications...

Current Issues and Politics

Disability Broadly Considered - Life of Tti ka me ge a

Recorded by April 2, 2019

Sarah Young Bear-Brown, whose Meskwaki name Tti ka mi ge a translates to “woman who stands along the edge of the river,” will discuss her life as a profoundly deaf...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations

Local Disabilities Initiatives

Recorded March 27, 2019

In this Obermann Conversation, we’ll hear from activists representing various organizations about current projects that support, amplify, and advocate for people...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations

Experiments in Career Diversity in the Humanities: A Working Symposium

Recorded by March 8, 2019

Across the country, leaders of PhD programs in the humanities face a conundrum. How can a department honor the subjects, methods, and practices of their...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations

LIT Talks - Pete Buttigieg

Recorded March 4, 2019

The Iowa City Book Festival, in partnership with the Iowa City Public Library, will host a series of occasional events designed to bring the authors of books about...

Current Issues and Politics

DNA Interest Group: Introduction to Epigenetics

Recorded by February 26, 2019

Presenter: Bryant McAllister

This program will define epigenetics, explore its mechanisms of action, and describe interesting epigenetic phenomena,...

Current Issues and Politics DNA Interest Group

Multiple Pathways to Recovery: An Obermann Conversation about Addiction Research & Treatment Services

Recorded by Feb. 13 2019

Alcohol abuse caused more than 3 million deaths worldwide in 2016, according to the World Health Organization. Twenty-three and a half million Americans -- or...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations

2018 Obermann conversation Photographing the Latina/o Experience in Iowa - Social Activism, Research, and Policy

Recorded November 7, 2018


Jeremy Swanston, Gerta Bardhoshi, Miriam Alarcon Avila, two University of Iowa scholars who have used PhotoVoice, a community-based participatory research...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations

Obermann Conversations Program: The U.S. / Mexico Border in Context.

Recorded by December 6, 2018


Lina-Maria Murillo, Rene Rocha, Kristy Nabhan-Warren, Yolanda Rivera 

Obermann Conversation about the current situation at the U.S. / Mexico...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations