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Moving & Restoring a Historic House in Iowa City

Experts discuss the basics of house moving, the economic benefits of historic preservation, and some of the techniques they've used for recycling house parts and finding architectural salvage...

Local History

Beyond the Winning Pig: Phil Stong's Other Animal Tales

What does it mean to imagine the history of Iowa animals apart from industrial agriculture and the meatpacking businesses that continue to shape our relationship to hogs, and chickens, horses and...

Local History

Iowa's Own Monuments Man: George Stout

During WWII, Winterset, Iowa native George Stout was a member of the U.S. Army's "Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program" devoted to recovering art and other items of cultural...

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Images of America: Coralville

Author and Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Director Emeritus Timothy Walch shares historic pictures of Coralville from his new book, “Images of America: Coralville”.

Recorded May 27,...

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History of Iowa City's Grocery Stores

Tom Schulein, citizen historian, presents on the history of Iowa City grocery stores from the corner store to the superstore. Co-sponsored b the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center.

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Helen Lemme: A History

Sixth-grade girl history detectives, all students from Lemme Elementary School present a program about their school's namesake, African-American civil rights advocate Helen Lemme.

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Iowa City Food History: 1830-1900

Rachel Wobeter, UI Museum Studies student, presents a talking tour of Iowa City's food history. She shares photos from Iowa City's earlier years and historical notes about the town'...

Local History

Prohibition, Breweries and Beer Caves in Iowa City

Marlin Ingalls, architectural historian, gives a presentation on the history of prohibition, breweries and the beer caves in Iowa City.

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The History of Downtown Iowa City

Author Marybeth Slonneger presents on the history of downtown Iowa City.

Cosponsored by ICPL & Friends of Historic Preservation. WOW: Weber on Wednesday is a month long celebration...

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Plum Grove Gardens- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

State Extension Master Gardeners Betty Kelly and Carolyn Murphy talk about the gardens at Plum Grove, the home of Iowa's first Territorial Governor, Robert Lucas and his family.

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