Second Sunday Garden Forum | Vander Veer Botanical Park | Project GREEN and Iowa City Public Library

Established in 1885 by the city of Davenport on the 33 acre site of the old Scott County Fairgrounds, Vander Veer Park is believed to be one of the first botanical parks west of the Mississippi. There have been many additions to the park through time: a conservatory, music pavilion, and the first fountain were added in the 1920s. The Municipal Rose Garden was established in 1948, and the Hosta Garden in 1998 and Children's Sculpture Garden was established in 1999. Vander Veer park is currently maintained by a nonprofit organization, the Friends of Vander Veer. Executive Director of Friends of Vander Veer, Natasha Sotos, give today's presentation.

The Second Sunday Garden Forums are cosponsored by Project GREEN and the Iowa City Public Library. The events are free and open to the public.

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