Bookmobile Update

2017-06-bookmobile-lemme CONNECT ... ENGAGE ... ENRICH! Bookmobile services are in full swing and we are connecting with our community in new ways, engaging new readers and community partners and enriching lives. It is heartwarming to experience the welcome we've received throughout our community.

We're connecting with new populations in many of the neighborhoods we're serving. Recently teachers from Lemme Elementary met us at a stop. Not only did they provide popsicles, but also encouraged the students to find their friends and make sure they came out to the Bookmobile (see picture). At the end of the stop, everyone had Library materials, a book bag, and a wallet attached to their book bag that held their Library card. We can't wait to go back this week!

Teachers from Borlaug Elementary are meeting us once a month at the Monday 10:30 AM Willow Creek Park stop. The teachers are reading stories (in addition to the Stories in the Park program) and providing free books. Teachers from Alexander Elementary are at the weekly Wetherby Wednesday morning programs at 10:30 AM.

We are also engaging with readers and community partners in new ways. At Sunrise Mobile Home Village, the management team is encouraging summer reading by hosting a special summer reading incentive. For each book checked out, children get to sign up to win a new bicycle. The drawing will be held at the August 3rd stop at Sunrise Village during an end of summer party hosted by Sunrise Village staff. More information is at this link. Staff at Melrose Meadows and North Dodge HyVee and a number of other stops have provided refreshments for Bookmobile visitors to enjoy.

And most importantly, we are enriching lives. Stories in the Park is drawing huge crowds and we've heard so many words of appreciation from patrons who are choosing to have their holds delivered to the Bookmobile so they can meet us in the community. Last Friday morning a young girl was waiting to check out a book. Little did she know that Clifford the Big Red Dog was the special Stories in the Park guest and he was waiting in the cab of the Bookmobile. When the door opened and he was standing in the doorway, she looked up and said, "BEST. DAY. EVER!" Her Mom said, "this Bookmobile just gets better and better!"

Many thanks to all the people and organizations who are making us welcome in the community and encouraging people to meet us at the Bookmobile.

On a personal note, I've been a bit weepy a couple times on the Bookmobile. To see a project come to fruition and personally experience what a difference it is making is a remarkable feeling. Cheers to the Bookmobile and the many new ways we can connect, engage with and enrich our community!


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