Climate Fest 2020 - Teens: how you can help fight climate change!

Iowa City Climate Fest

Ice-caps are melting, forest fires are ravaging much of the West Coast and you may feel like you are too small to make a difference. Wrong! Here are several ways you can help save our planet in your daily lives:

1. Reduce your food waste (eat leftovers, freeze food, buy in bulk and compost).

2. Turn off lights when you leave a room (and use energy efficient bulbs and appliances).

3. Consider eating a more plant-based diet.

The City of Iowa City and Iowa City Public Library are celebrating Climate Fest September 19th-26th. Find out more about IC Climate Fest.

Celebrate with us at ICPL by registering for one or both of these Teen events:

Taco ‘bout a sustainable lifestyle: Chapulines- To-go!

Did you know that according to, insects require a quarter of the feed pound-per-pound as larger livestock and use negligable space, water and methane. While over 2 billion people across the globe consume insects, Westerners have largely not included them in their diet. Now is your chance to try Chapulines, a grasshopper commonly eaten in Mexico. Register here to recieve a bag of Chapulines, along with a recipe idea. Once registered, you can pick the kit up via curbside. To learn more, visit Chapulines To-go or register here. (Warning- Do not eat Chapulines if you are allergic to mollusks, shellfish, dust mites, slugs, or insect venom).

Reduce, reuse, recycle – and repair: Upcycled T-Shirt Pillows

Do you have an old t-shirt that you never wear? Try upcycling it into a pillow! We'll provide instructions and you'll save it from ending up in the landfill and breathe new life into it. Register here to recieve polyfil stuffing and comment if you would like a t-shirt. Once registered, you can pick the kit up via curbside. To learn more, visit the Upcycled T-shirt Pillows or register now.

Once you register, these kits can be picked up curbside from September 19th- October 3rd by appointment.




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