Take a Peek at Our New OverDrive Website

On Wednesday, November 9th, the Iowa City Public Library will upgrade its OverDrive website, which supports the library’s eBook and digital audiobook collections. The new site will make finding, browsing, and borrowing eBooks and eAudio faster and easier. You now have the option of exploring the new site before the official launch by clicking on the red bar at the bottom of the current OverDrive website.



Some features of the new site will include:

More options to sign in. As always, you can use your library card number. But, if you would prefer, you can also tie your library card to your Facebook account or create an OverDrive account and sign in using those credentials instead.

Easier to tell if a book is available or not. Before OverDrive had a visual cue: an book or headphone icon that was either filled in for available and grayed out if you had to place a hold. Now there will be banners above each book cover clearly stating "available," "wait list," or "coming soon."

Easy to change lending periods. You can select a default lending period for everything you check out, but if you want to deviate from your routine for an individual title, you can choose a lending period also at point of borrowing with one click.

For more information about other changes to the website, OverDrive has an overview with a video that you can find here.



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