Habitat : the field guide to decorating book cover

Habitat : the field guide to decorating

Lauren Liess

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Nonfiction, Home

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Lauren Liess’ Habitat uses nature as inspiration in home design. Her rooms are sophisticated, but also simple, comfortable, and achievable. Habitat works through explaining the basics of interior design, offering advice on lighting, color combinations, and accessories. -Anne M

Musicophilia : tales of music and the brain book cover

Musicophilia : tales of music and the brain

Oliver W Sacks

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Nonfiction, Health

Oliver Sacks explores the place music occupies in the brain and how it affects the human condition. In Musicophilia, he shows us a variety of what he calls "musical misalignments." Among them: a man struck by lightning who suddenly desires to become a pianist at the age of forty-two; an entire group of children with Williams syndrome, who are hypermusical from birth; people with "amusia," to whom a symphony sounds like the clattering of pots and pans; and a man whose memory spans only seven seconds - for everything but music. Dr. Sacks describes how music can animate people with Parkinson's disease who cannot otherwise move, give words to stroke patients who cannot otherwise speak, and calm and organize people who are deeply disoriented by Alzheimer's or schizophrenia.

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Budget bytes : over 100 easy, delicious recipes to slash your grocery bill in half book cover

Budget bytes : over 100 easy, delicious recipes to slash your grocery bill in half

Beth Moncel

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Nonfiction, Cookbooks

" The debut cookbook from the Internet expert on making eating cheap dependably delicious As a college grad during the recent great recession, Beth Moncel found herself, like so many others, broke. Unwilling to sacrifice eating healthy and well-and armed with a degree in nutritional science-Beth began tracking her costs with obsessive precision, and soon cut her grocery bill in half. Eager to share her tips and recipes, she launched her blog, Budget Bytes. Soon the blog received millions of readers clamoring for more. Beth's eagerly awaited cookbook proves cutting back on cost does not mean cutting back on taste. Budget Bytes has more than 100 simple, healthy, and delicious recipes, including Greek Steak Tacos, Coconut Chicken Curry, Chorizo Sweet Potato Enchilada, and Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Mayonnaise, to name a few. It also contains expert principles for saving in the kitchen-including how to combine inexpensive ingredients with expensive to ensure that you can still have that steak you're craving, and information to help anyone get acquainted with his or her kitchen and get maximum use out of the freezer. Whether you're urban or rural, vegan or paleo, Budget Bytes is guaranteed to delight both the palate and the pocketbook"--

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Unwanted advances : sexual paranoia comes to campus book cover

Unwanted advances : sexual paranoia comes to campus

Laura Kipnis

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From a highly regarded feminist, cultural critic, and professor comes a polemic arguing that the stifling sense of sexual danger sweeping American campuses doesn't empower women, it impedes the fight for gender equality.

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For a pot-stirring book and a rare defense of men these days, this book unpacks the relationships between two students and professor, whose employment ended due to the charges against him. Known for her multi-layered polemics, Kipnis pores over the details of his case and puts forth an argument for “grown up feminism.” What’s refreshing about Kipnis’s perspective is how much she believes in female agency as a source of power, rather than power always being a one-way dynamic from the top down. Read this book if you like to acknowledge how complicated it all is. -Melody

The encyclopedia of angels book cover

The encyclopedia of angels

Rosemary Guiley

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An A-Z guide to angels of all kinds, the second edition of this title provides a reference to the origins, natures, functions and maifestations of angels. Entries cover topics such as angelologies, individual angels, the importance of angels in major world religions, and encounters with angels.

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Waste-free kitchen handbook : a guide to eating well and saving money by wasting less food book cover

Waste-free kitchen handbook : a guide to eating well and saving money by wasting less food

Dana Gunders

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Nonfiction, Cookbooks

Did you know that the average American throws away around $30 each month in the form of uneaten food? It's time to reduce the kitchen waste you produce, and save money. This book will show you how, via smart suggestions, checklists, recipes, and your very own kitchen waste audit. Dana Gunders dispels the illusion that addressing food-waste issues requires tons of your time and money. By showing how to shop smarter, portion more accurately, and simply use a refrigerator properly, Gunders gives the simple tools to produce less waste and eat more consciously.

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Money saving meals and round 2 recipes book cover

Money saving meals and round 2 recipes

Sandra Lee

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Nonfiction, Cookbooks

"In Money Saving Meals and Round 2 Recipes, Sandra Lee helps readers save money one recipe at a time as she does in her highly popular Food Network show, "Sandra's Money-Saving Meals." The cookbook includes approximately 150 recipes and 90 photos, and each recipe combination offers one main dish and an additional "round two" recipe--a recipe developed using the same base ingredient as the main recipe, with the concept of buying a little more of the ingredient and making a lot more out of it. These recipes are quick, easy, and made-from-scratch-style. Each includes a cost breakdown including everyday costs, the money-saving pricing, and the total savings, so that readers see what they save and what they spend with every dish. Also included will be tips on how to save while shopping and how to be a smart shopper and clever coupon user; plus, a listing of ready-made convenience products that are cheaper to buy than to make from scratch. Finally, there will be a cost comparison on what you'd save if you cooked Sandra's way twice a week, three times a week, four times a week, and the entire week, for one year. The savings, and the value of this cookbook, will quickly add up. In these budget-conscious times, Sandra's money-saving meals will hit home with a huge audience, offering "the maximum joy with the minimum stress.""--

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Vegan on the cheap : great recipes and simple strategies that save you time and money book cover

Vegan on the cheap : great recipes and simple strategies that save you time and money

Robin (Robin G.) Robertson

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Nonfiction, Cookbooks

The ultimate vegan budget cookbook! Roberson provides easy recipes for delicious food that costs no more than $2 per serving!

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Fast, easy, and cost-cutting recipes. No expensive ingredients required! -Melody

Really cross stitch : for when you just want to stab something a lot book cover

Really cross stitch : for when you just want to stab something a lot

Rayna Fahey

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Nonfiction, Crafts

"Inspired by the banners and signs at recent marches around the world, Really Cross Stitch takes all of that anger, outrage, and protest and puts it inside a decorative border ... along with some snarky commentary and general annoyance. Stitching for public protest is not new. First-wave feminists in the US and in Britain used needlework in their demonstrations and public protest lectures during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Needlework and other handcrafts, however, declined throughout the twentieth century. But in the 21st century, there has been a steep resurgence and many are turning to crafting, especially needlework, as an activist strategy. In Knitting for Good, feminist Betsy Greer makes this point strongly when she proclaims, "I think every act of making is an act of revolution." Featuring more than 40 truly original cross stitch designs, the book also contains instructions on techniques for new stitchers."--

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Find patterns for inspiring phrases like “nevertheless, she persisted” and “fight like a girl.” You don’t have to be a crafter to find this book entertaining. We all need a little comic relief every now and then. -Melody