All Bodies Belong: Positive Acceptance of Our Physical Selves | Witching Hour 2019

Many of us live in a primarily mental world where we dissociate from or leave our bodies regularly. Research shows that we have complicated, often negative relationships with our physical selves – and for women, the number one source of shame in our lives can often be our bodies. Betsy Rippentrop (Heartland Yoga) and Sarah Driscoll (Breathing Room Yoga) will lead a discussion about achieving true acceptance of our bodies and the bodies of others. We will shed light on the work behind self-love and the benefits a mindfulness practice can offer while also examining American yoga culture’s ongoing failure to maintain diverse and inclusive spaces. A presentation of the All Bodies Belong photography exhibit will be shown in conjunction with this session. The exhibit showcases images and stories of body diversity within a yoga practice.

Presenter info : Betsy Rippentrop is the owner of Heartland Yoga and Sarah Driscoll is owner of Breathing Room Yoga.

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