Clustering DNA Relatives into Family Lines | DNA Interest Group

The various DNA testing companies offer a variety of tools for revealing clusters of DNA relatives. Whether viewing “shared” or “in common with” matches, or using advanced clustering tools such as MyHeritage AutoClusters, these methods can be useful for organizing DNA relatives into family groups. This program will provide guidance on the application of tools for clustering DNA matches into groups of relatives. Examples will be used to demonstrate how these clustering utilities can be used in family history research, and also how these tools can misrepresent evidence of common ancestry.

The DNA Interest Group is designed to bring together individuals in the Iowa City area interested in learning about the use and interpretation of commercial DNA test results. Meetings will address a variety of different topical areas, including applications in genealogy, inferences of traits, exploration of human genetic variation, and the societal impact of these services. Meetings will also include group discussions, and are free and open to the public. If this topic interests you, join us!

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